Altillion is a value-driven innovator delivering scalable mineral extraction from brine.
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Altillion is a value-driven innovator, unlocking the potential of brine resources with its proprietary mineral extraction process. Our commitment to delivering value is ingrained in every aspect of our solutions, supported by a team with decades of field experience processing brine at commercial scale. In an era where incumbent lithium-ion extraction techniques often fall short, Altillion introduces a paradigm shift strategically designed to ensure our clients can economically recover lithium.

Our vision extends beyond revolutionizing lithium extraction to include all valuable minerals. Through a commitment to maximizing value for our clients, we’re not just changing the landscape; we’re forging a path toward a brighter, more prosperous future.


Unlock the full potential of mineral extraction to meet growing global demand while prioritizing responsible resource management.


Be a visionary leader in the optimization of mineral extraction.


By unlocking the full potential of mineral resources, we’re able to deliver extraordinary value to our clients and partners.
ALIX Platform
ALIX is a technology platform that extracts and concentrates critical minerals from any brine.  When applied for Direct Lithium Extraction, ALIX concentrates lithium from as low as 15 mg/L to greater than 30,000 mg/L with a single process. This ALIX output stream can then be converted directly to battery grade products. The ALIX platform is currently offered to the lithium industry in two configurations, LiMEx and LiCon.  In each application, ALIX enables the highest efficiency, lowest CAPEX, and lowest OPEX flow sheet for lithium asset developers.
Direct Lithium Extraction uses a combination of processes to (1) Isolate lithium from other impurities and (2) Concentrate lithium to prepare for conversion to a final battery grade product.

Altillion’s LiCon process is an ALIX configuration that Concentrates lithium with the smallest footprint, lowest CAPEX, and lowest OPEX.  LiCon is an alternative to the conventional lithium concentrating techniques, which typically combine filtration, reverse osmosis, evaporation, and other less efficient equipment.  This makes LiCon highly complementary to sorbent and ion exchange “DLE media”.

Altillion’s LiMEx process is an ALIX configuration for brine that does not technically or economically benefit from the isolation step being fulfilled by a “DLE media”.  On these brines, the LiMEx process can achieve the necessary isolation and concentration in a single process step.
ALIX Process
ALIX may look familiar, but ALIX is NOT traditional solvent extraction.  Rather, ALIX is a fundamentally unique approach to liquid extraction that enables:

1)The lowest organic/aqueous ratio
2)Complete organic recovery & reuse
3)The shortest residence time & smallest footprint

Altogether, ALIX is a paradigm shift for concentrating lithium in a Direct Lithium Extraction flow sheet.  Compared to traditional equipment, ALIX drives down the number of process steps, the capital budget, the operating cost, and even the cost of the downstream battery grade product conversion.

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